• 1

    Teaching Brave Journeys as Literature/ For Educators Who Want to Go into the Process in More Depth

    • Reading from the Heart/ Bringing Student Voices in the Literary Canon

    • Now it is My Turn/ A Compendium of Clues for Teaching Brave Journeys as Literature

    • Now It is My Turn-- Teaching Brave Journeys as Literature

  • 2

    Herstory's Glossary of Invented Terms

    • Using Herstory's Essential Tool Kit

    • Extraño Lector/Stranger Reader

    • Momento de Página Uno/ Page One Moment

    • Tiempo del Libro/ Book Time

    • Gosario Completo de Términos Inventados

    • Full Glossary of Invented Terms

  • 3

    Invented Vocabulary Videos to Share With Your Students

    • Stranger Reader - Page One Moment

    • Book Time/Thereness

    • Containers/Springboards

    • Backstitches/Memory Triggers

    • Jaggedy/DeOrganization

    • Weaving/Nesting

    • Paw Prints/Tricks of Memory

    • Teasing